Plan Better!!! Be Prepared!!! Be a Professional!!!! Are you kidding me?

Have you seen some of the interviews on you tube? It's sad ! This is a job interview for a very VISIBLE position!!! Don't do your f interview on a stupid cheap web cam in your living room! The position is social media director for Charlie Sheen and you can't make a high quality video? No social contacts? what are you doing here? Guys & Gals, It's in the bag!!!

So many finalists are just ass kissing vids way off point. The final assignment was to be a professional and address the question. They already have your resume. Why waste time on who you are? What's your message is the question in all three, how are you going to do it? not Charlie...YOU! He is not looking for a #1 fan he is looking for A SOCIAL MEDIA WARLOCK!!! That just happens to be me!!! #GAMEOVER