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Tiger Blood Video is First Page Google #1 Top Video Placement & You Tube First Page Search in less than 24 hrs!

This is what I do. I know things internally in google's search engine that 0% of other social marketing firm's have no clue about. Don't believe it? Proof is in the pudding. This technique requires only Google knowledge and zero $$

Google search "dot tv media" #1 google bing yahoo search listing
Google Video Search "tiger blood intern video" #1 top of first page listing!!!
Google Video Search "tigerblood intern video" #1 top of first page listing!!!
you tube search "tigerblood intern" first page search listing
you tube search "tiger blood intern" first page search listing

Two Viral Vids in last 72 hrs!!! I love it when we blow up you tube counters!!!
We know our Social world. We have been in this game since 2004.
We can get your site/business/venue these results too!!!


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