Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Day of Viral HAVEthenGIVE Shooting in Mexico

Today was our first day in Mexico. This was originally our quarterly Social Network corporate brainstorming retreat. It has become a cause to raise World Wide awareness for #HAVEthenGIVE and We are currently shooting an EPIC VIRAL VIDEO! Here is an update and some sneak peak clips we got today from the wonderful International tourists here and locals! I am holding the best clips back till we finalize the production next week. You want to make one for us? Bring it. Email or post the you tube link in the comments! Can you compete with me? Ha! Let's see.

I have & I'm giving everything I got! All we want from you is a pledge (no money now) to donate at least $10 this Summer during the #10by10 240hr live entertainment GIVE-A-THON! I can't wait till we kick off our Viral Video contest for you guys. It will be epic. There are SO many things you can create off a #HAVEthenGIVE #10by10 & I AM #1of10! As I said before if you can't wait to donate the please donate $10 to by texting "CANDO" to 85944

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