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Welcome to the Social Media Buzz Machine known as Dot TV Media Services. We have participated, in a big way, in all the cutting edge social media since 2004. Our firm specializes in many areas of Social Media Marketing, Consulting, PR , Web Site development, SEO optimization, Live Streaming Broadcasts, and Buzz creation. We have documented record results and a well known list of clients. We find every client's needs are different from the last. Contact us at 817-262-2962 for a free assessment of your business or interest today. Dot TV Media Services can deliver both Quality & Quantity to your social media world with fast & effective campaigns. Our firm has hired the top people in the world to provide support/consulting in Social Media Marketing, Web Site Building, SEO Optimization, 3D CG graphics, and Live Broadcasting Production. To sum it up we pretty much do it all with epic results for our clients. Our new LIVE Streaming E Commerce Video Chat product is a huge sales conversion tool for any website. Call us now for more information and your free social media marketing assessment!