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We specialize in many areas of social media marketing, broadcasting & promotions. We promote your social media accounts to the masses, thus creating attention. The key is, once we get the social media world's attention,the engagement! Our services are three fold. First we create so much noise  for you via EVERY social media network  it creates MASSIVE attention, interest, and new followers. Second is the engagement, this is where our consulting services step in to help you create productive conversations, conversions, and engagement. The third social media LIVE broadcasts via Your Websites, Facebook, Twitter , Linked IN, Google Plus and You Tube. Nothing is more engaging in social media than a LIVE interactive broadcasts from your social media accounts and websites. We have pioneered, consulted & lead the industry in these areas since 2007 and are results are well documented and published. Forbes, Reuters, Mashable, Huffington Post, WFAA-TV ABC Dallas

Check out some of the Live Websites we have created  for Grant Cardone, Tracy Myers, & Sean Moffett

Check out some of our clients YouTube Live Events & Commercials that we have produced.

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#1 question to ask any marketing agency before hiring them....

May I please have three (3) references from your clients to learn the results you have delivered for those clients.

If the marketing agency is reluctant to share at least three references, then what does that really say?

At www.dtvms.com We can provide over 150 business references that will blow your mind!