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2013 is off to an Epic Start!! Check out our clients results already this year!

2013 Peoples Choice Award  Best Cable TV Drama .. Leverage on TNT voted for solely by the Fans!

  First Ever Crowd Funded Show for TV via Kickstart  Camp Sunshine funded by the Fans!

Plus two of our clients have signed yet to be announced major radio show contracts this year!  We don't sell promises or what might be, we sell RESULTS!!

YouTube Live Broadcasting is one of our specialties!

Google + steps ups it's game. Now Hangouts on Air are available to everyone with a verified You Tube channel. Now you can broadcast your Hangouts on your You Tube Channel & G+ page live. Your you tube channel will also automatically make a recording of the live broadcast hangouts for viral abilities! Plus my engineers at Dot TV Media Services have the technology to be able to add the live hangout broadcast to your Facebook page too.  
Here is a shot from our Youtube live broadcast of The Drew Pearson Show, the Ipad is watching the live feed on Drew's Facebook page . It is also simulcasted LIVE on Drew Twitter, Google Plus ,You Tube & Linked IN  
We helped produce the first ever Google + Hangout for the Dallas Cowboys w/ DeMarcus Ware

 With the Hangouts on Air feature Dot TV Media Services can help you  broadcast live from your website, Facebook page, You Tube Channel, Google Plus page and Ustream or Live Stream channel.   We have been producing &  b…

The Leverage Farewell Hangout

We are proud to not only produced, promoted ,  but put together the cast of fans who got to participate in the most interactive celebrity Hang Out on You Tube Live ever!

Drew Brees (The QB of the Saints) did a YouTube Live Hangout the same day we did our Leverage Hangout with +Beth Riesgraf  & +Aldis Hodge  Who do you think got more engagement and interaction? Drew right? Nope it's not even close! 

The stats 

Drew Brees Hangout
509 views ?? I'm being generous here 

Leverage Hangout


Why the big difference? The firm that produces & promotes your hangout! We also managed to produce the most fan participated Celebrity Hangout ever in the History of Hangouts funneling 24 fans in & out of the hangout (in 90 minutes) to ask questions of the cast. With no trolling! 
+Dot TV Media Services  Rocks ..end of story!
I will give props to +Warren Smith & +Alok Singh  for bagg…

How to Use Google+ and Make Social Work for Business

We were invited to beta test Google Plus 18 months ago because Google identified us as a cutting edge Social Media Marketing Firm. We have personally consulted The entire Google + team on how to make G+ the place to be for business. Now it's all coming together and a business better get it's G+ game on or your business is going to be left in the dust. There is no other social media marketing firm that has the business experience, connections and business interactions we have pioneered on G+. So who do you want to trust your social media marketing with in the future?

We can take your You Tube Video Viral!

Here is the stats showing a before and after on one of our typical You Tube promotions. You can definitively see the spike when we started. Again our results are fully documented and the best in the social media promotional industry! & Put them on your Social Media Radar!

The things you find in Google Plus hangouts.  I hung with Chris Voss who was touting the new IPhone app from Digisocial which I agree is about to catch fire. Then Andrew Cunningham Founder of joined the hangout and gave us a demo of his new social network video chat site. It's amazing and the functionality and aggregation of users Facebook info is phenomenal. I highly recommend joining and playing around with it. It's something new and in my mind revolutionary. What it offers over any other network is the ability & ease to know more about a fellow user than is available on any other site. The kicker is being able to search, connect  & instantly video chat  users with the same interest as you with just a click.

Chris Kyle The 200 Mile Tribute for a True American Hero. HD

Chris Kyle a hero's tribute , his final journey (10 mile long funeral procession) to his resting place in Austin as he & his family passed thru Waxahachie Texas. God Bless The Kyle & Littlefield families. 
Produced as a tribute by our founder Michael Nast in 1080p HD.