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About Us

Dot TV Media Services was founded in 2004 by our CEO Michael Nast a social media pioneer and Live Streaming expert.

We specialize in many areas of internet marketing.

Social Media Promotions & Consulting
Viral Engagement Services
Viral Content Consulting & Creation
SEO Consulting
Computer Graphics including 3D & Animated
Google Ad sense/Ad words
Live Social Media Event Broadcasting
Google Plus Consulting
Social Media Branding & Following
Website Live Video Chat conversion tools.
Dot TV Social Media Services
Unique Social Media Solutions For Business

    Dot TV Media Services is a industry leader in targeted social media promotions that result in documented results & conversions. We use various promotions such as Live social media based broadcasts to targeted email blasts that result in massive engagement, followers, likes, subcribers & most importantly SALES! We will increase your social media following by the thousands every month! We have been social media marketing & Live broadcasting pioneers since 2004 , Social Media Super Users, a beta tester for Google Plus Business Hangouts & You Tube Partner .
All we ask is for the opprutunity to deliver to your business a FREE Social Media Marketing Assessment that will detail exactly what we can offer to supercharge you social media with the most effective form of promotional ROI you have ever seen.

Here is our availible social media services.
Monthly Social Media Consulting & Management
All social media account set ups & branding including a established following in the thousands in weeks.
Live & pre recorded social media based broadcasts on your Facebook, You Tube, Google Plus & Websites.
Google + for Business set up & management including effective use of the Hangout feature for video chat engagement with prospective and current customers.
 We specialize in many areas of social media marketing. We promote your social media accounts to the masses, thus creating attention. The key is, once we get the social media world's attention,the engagement! Our services are three fold. First we create so much noise on all social media networks / forums it creates attention and new followers. Second is the engagement, this is where our consulting services step in to help you create productive conversations and engagement. The third social media LIVE broadcasts via Ustream, Live Stream, Google Hangouts and You Tube Live. Nothing is more engaging in social media than a LIVE interactive broadcast from your social media accounts and websites. We have lead the industry in these areas since 2007 and are results are well documented and published. Forbes, Reuters, Mashable, Huffington Post, WFAA-TV ABC Dallas
Please call us today at 817-262-2962 to allow us to start on your FREE & NO OBLIGATION social media marketing assessment today. It will take less than 72 hours for us to put this together and present to you.

Michael Nast
Founder & CEO
Dot TV Social Media Services

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How to get 5 Star Facebook Reviews and Ratings

As all business owners know your online reputation and reviews are paramount. So here are some questions you must ask yourself about Facebook Reviews and Ratings.

1. Do I have ratings and reviews enabled?  If no we can help!
2. If yes, what is your current rating? .......If below 4.9 we can get you there!
3. Could I use hundreds of new 5 Star Reviews & Ratings? If yes, we can deliver fast!

Give us a call today 817-262-2962 or Email us at for more information and lets get your brand or business rated 5 Stars on Facebook with amazing reviews FAST!

Facebook Mentions #GameChanger. Finally the epic shift in social media we predicted in 2007 is coming to everyone.

In 2007 I fumbled upon Justin.TV via a NightLine report which featured Justin Kan broadcasting live on the internet while he was playing poker with friends. Immediately I went to see his live feed. He was life casting his life 24 /7 and getting massive attention. I was intrigued when he stated the mission of his startup was to bring a social network that anyone could stream live on and have live interactions with viewers via chat. This was my light bulb moment and Dot TV Media Services was born.

   We have now come almost full circle. Facebook Live is definetly not something new. Our firm has been producing Facebook Live broadcasts since 2010.  Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook Mentions have dumbified producing a good live broadcasting stream down to an enjoyable app which you can broadcast, watch, engage and interact on social media with a few simple screen taps. This dumbification was the missing link. Before these apps you had to use a computer and at least a webcam to broad…

Grant Cardone on The Steve Harvey Show

Grant hired our firm in 2011 to help him understand and grow his social media reach exponentially. We have worked with Grant on growing his social media engagement by the hundreds of thousands over the past five years. We directly consulted and set up Grant on his first Live internet broadcast on Ustream in 2011. When then consulted Grant on the development of the Cardone Zone on YouTube Live in 2012.

      Yesterday Grant made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show as a business expert for a segment called The Next Success.