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Second Chances Live Broadcast  #TYSC with Robin Roberts
Produced by Dot TV Media Services 
For Mrs Pat "Emmitt " Smith



                                                          Free Birds

                                                      Grant Cardone


                                                              Beth Riesgraf  


             2013 Best Cable TV Drama- Peoples Choice Award

Leverage Farewell Hangout w/ Beth & Aldis Hodge

Eric Balfour  star of the Popular Syfy Series Haven and his clothing company Electric & Rose 

Dan Waldschmidt Edgy Conversations and YouTube Show

Farmers Insurance 

                                            The Drew Pearson Show

                                                        Tracy Myers


Camp Sunshine TV - the first crowd funded TV show in History Produced by Beau Mirchoff of MTV's Awkward


                                                Elliott Fight Dynamics

                                                            Johnny T


                    Vince Neil Rockin the Red Carpet for Make a Wish                                  Foundation & Music for Relief


                         Ace Deuce The Life & Times of a Gambling Man

                           6 Magazine Football & Hip Hop Culture

                                                    DLIFE The Series

                                       Freedom Chevrolet Buick GMC

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   We have now come almost full circle. Facebook Live is definetly not something new. Our firm has been producing Facebook Live broadcasts since 2010.  Periscope, Meerkat and now Facebook Mentions have dumbified producing a good live broadcasting stream down to an enjoyable app which you can broadcast, watch, engage and interact on social media with a few simple screen taps. This dumbification was the missing link. Before these apps you had to use a computer and at least a webcam to broad…